If You’re A Stubborn Person, You’ll Probably Live Longer

By Admin on December 13, 2017

Well world, looks like I am going to live FOREVER! A new study suggests that the key to living longer is being a stubborn person. And I am as stubborn as they come.

Researchers studied 29 older Italians (aged 91 to 101) who live in villages surrounded by water and mountains. According to the Miami Herald, they found common traits including love for family and country, stubbornness, and optimism.

I’m going to go ahead and say living in a Mediterranean remote village might also have something to do with living longer. But that is also probably because I am a stubborn person and want to find flaws.

So between this study, one about owning a dog, and one saying coffee makes you live longer, looks like I can count on making it to triple digits.

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