Student Climbs Tree, Can’t Get Down

A woman climbed a tree at her college, and apparently climbed so well that she couldn’t get back down, and had to be rescued.

By DAVID on June 18, 2018
(Photo by William Vanderson/Fox Photos/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Just like the raccoon that climbed that building, this student felt like climbing something. She found a tree outside of her school in Madison (University of Wisconsin) that would work well. Excited for her climb, she didn’t stop to think if she knew the way down before starting her ascent. This is a “duh-huh” moment.

This happened on campus on Thursday, June 14th. We’re not sure why she wanted to climb the tree, but she did. Once she was in the tree, she couldn’t figure out the best way back down. I mean, it happens to a lot of us. Also, we see cats stuck in trees all the time (right?) that the fire department has to rescue. We look up, it doesn’t seem all that high, so we climb. Once we’re up, well, it’s easiest to reach up than it is to look and reach down. Suddenly that short distance up seems like double the distance going down.

Once she realized she was stuck, she sat and thought about how to get down. She spent about 20 minutes in the tree trying to figure it out, when she finally called 911. Firefighters arrived to the scene with a ladder, and she was down in just a few minutes. So how high in the tree was she? 15 feet? 20 feet? Actually, about 8 feet or so. Hey, we get it, heights can throw you off and seem greater than they are. Have you ever found yourself stuck somewhere you couldn’t get out of? Check out the original story here. When asked if she was done climbing trees, she responded “maybe.”

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