Study Finds THIS Shows Your Partner Love The Most

Basically, actions definitely speak louder than words.

By Cody Briana on January 16, 2018
(Photo By: Mark Makela / Getty Images)

In cute news, a study by my alma mater Penn State (We are!) found that small gestures, such as hugging, holding hands, and random acts of kindness top the list of how the majority of people feel loved and appreciated, Observer reports.

“We found that behavioral actions—rather than purely verbal expressions—triggered more consensus as indicators of love. For example, more people agreed that a child snuggling with them was more loving than someone simply saying, ‘I love you,” said study author Saeideh Heshmati, a postdoctoral research scholar.

Basically, actions definitely speak louder than words. And now that I’m in a relationship, I will say this is true. I learned that cooking and walking the dog for me goes a long way. You hear that fellas? SHOW her you care. 😉

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