Talk Show Host Wendy Williams Passes Out On Live TV! [VIDEO]

Williams began stuttering and stumbled away from her podium, before she quickly fell on the floor pretty hard

By Doug Lazy on October 31, 2017
(Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

Well that was unexpected!

TMZ has reported that Wendy Williams had a freaky fainting episode in the middle of shooting her Tuesday morning Halloween episode.

After returning from a commercial break, Williams sounded out of breath and began stuttering while starting a costume contest. Moments later, she began to stumble and quickly dropped to the ground.

The audience was clearly terrified, and producers cut to commercial very quickly because her show is live on the east coast.

After recovering, Williams explained that she’d overheated in her costume but was doing okay, and she even finished her show to boot!

See the scary video right here!

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