Taylor Swift Stalker That Threatened To ‘End All Swifts’ Sentenced

The Taylor Swift stalker that threatened to ‘end all the Swifts’ got sentenced to 10 years probation. There are lots of strings attached to his sentencing.

By Admin on April 3, 2018
taylor swift
(Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

The Taylor Swift stalker that threatened to “end all the Swifts” must now serve 10 years probation.

Frank Andrew Hoover got caught when he showed up to one of Taylor’s shows in Texas in 2016. He sent Taylor’s dad threatening emails. The pop singer already had a protective order against Frank at that time.

Frank plead guilty to violating the order on Monday, Apr. 2, reports TMZ. Not only does he need to serve 10 years probation, but he also will be GPS tracked for at least a year.

Additionally, Frank needs to undergo “psychological testing, and attend substance abuse classes, surrender all firearms and undergo random drug testing.”

Frank’s probation is strict. If he violates his probation, then he can be behind bars immediately.

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