Taylor Swift’s Cats Had A Cameo In Deadpool 2, And It’s Hilarious [PIC]

By Cody Briana on May 23, 2018
(Photo By: Kevin Winter / Getty Images)

Taylor Swift‘s adorable cats Meredith and Olivia had a cameo in Deadpool 2, and I didn’t even notice when I saw the movie 2 weeks ago! The felines appeared on a shirt Ryan Reynold‘s character wears in a hilarious scene.

Swift, like a good cat mom, posted a still on her Instagram story and wrote, “I’m so proud of my fuzzy daughters! Thanks @VanCityReynolds!”

She also posted a video captioned “Telling Mer the news,” where she tells her cat, “In Deadpool 2, they put you and your sister on a shirt in the movie.” Meredith purrs loudly, which Taylor says means “she’s really happy.” She captioned the video, “The purring is really next level. MEREDITH LOVES A CAMEO.”

Then we see Olivia and hear Taylor saying, “How do you feel about the shirt? The world is dying to know!” When Olivia gives no response, Taylor asks, “No comment?” The cat then walks out of the frame. Taylor captioned that video “She’s very private.”

If you’re wondering why they were featured in the 1st place, Swift is good friends with Blake Lively, Ryan’s wife.

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