The Amazon Alexa Billy Bass Fish Is Here To Buy

If you’ve ever looked at your old “Big Mouth Billy Bass” singing fish and wondered what it would be like to have an Amazon Alexa-enabled one, wonder no more.

By DAVID on November 30, 2018
(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Ok, remember the “Big Mouth Billy Bass” fish that would sing and talk from, what, 15 years ago? Ok, great – ever imagined houw that would work if Amazon’s Alexa could talk through it? Awesome – now you can actually buy an Alexa-enabled fish for yourself!

A couple years ago, a guy hacked together a version of the Billy Bass fish to work on Alexa. It would move its mouth and “lip sync” what Alexa was saying. It went viral-ish in some tech-corners of the internet, and I guess word eventually got picked up to be mass-produced. Starting tomorrow, December 1st, you can buy the Big Mouth Billy Bass that’s Alexa-enabled.

The listing for the product says that it will even dance along to music on the Amazon Music service. There’s no specific word if it will work on regular music as well, but really, that’s worth the subscription right there. The fish will also receive updates. Wait, let’s pause for a second. “The fish will also receive updates” is one sentence I never thought I’d ever have to say, but hey, it’s 2018 so why the heck not, right? The fish will require an Echo Dot to run, and costs $40 just for the fish. If you want some more info, and I’m sure you do, check out some more information over here.

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