These Wrong Texts Are Hilarious

By kncitom on June 7, 2023
(Photo: Tom Mailey, Cody Robinson)

A recent study found that the average person has sent a “naughty” text at least six times in their life. And even more of us have simply sent a text to the wrong person. How about you? That’s the question we asked on the Pat, Tom and Cody show the other day and the replies were nothing short of fantastic. Here are some of our favorites

I was babysitting overnight for someone who worked the night shift. I had plans to go shopping the next day with a girlfriend of mine. Well, little did I know, she had come home early because she didn’t feel good. She didn’t wake me to tell me she had come home, like normal. So as I left, I had text what I thought was my girlfriend jokingly saying “this bit#% came home early and I didn’t even know, we could’ve been shopping already!” Well, the text mistakenly didn’t go to my friend. I tried to explain that I wasn’t literally calling her a B, it’s just a phrase. Never did I get a text back and never was asked to come back to babysit. 🫠 WHOOPS!
“Hang on I’m pooping” meant for my daughter, sent to my boss 
I once drunk texted my boss a topless picture. His name was really close to my boyfriend at the time. 🤦🏼‍♀️ needless to say I was so embarrassed. I couldn’t look my boss in the eyes for days.
“Kim came by. THAT’S 30 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.” … to Kim…. not Mom
I texted my husband to get the Orgasmic Vomit Milk at Raleys. (it was supposed to be Organic Oat Milk)
I sent a picture to my mother in law of me in a towel asking her to come dry me off with her tongue. It was definitely meant for my husband. I was mortified! She was a good sport and told her son to hurry up.
My husband sent a very provocative message meant for me. Imagine his horror when he realized he actually sent it to our pastor’s wife!
I copied and pasted a text from my boss to my boss saying how much of an ahole my boss was. I thought I sent it to a friend
So keep all these in mind next time you send a text, and make absolutely sure you’re sending to the right person

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