Thomas Rhett Looks Up To Inspirational Ed Sheeran

Thomas Rhett called Ed Sheeran a ‘huge inspiration’ and ‘hero’ in a recent interview. The pop singer’s multifaceted talent speaks volumes to Thomas.

By Admin on May 22, 2018
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Ed Sheeran’s multifaceted talent speaks volumes to Thomas Rhett.

Speaking with Nash Country Daily, the country star couldn’t help but sing praise for the “Shape of You” singer, saying:

“As an artist, I think we always love being challenged in so many different ways. And there’s so many artist these days that are doing it all. I look at somebody like Ed Sheeran as a huge inspiration and a hero to me because that guy goes out and sells out stadiums and he plays acoustic. He produces all of his own records. He writes all of his own songs. He did a guest role in ‘Game of Thrones.’ I think, nowadays, as an artist, it’s tough to be only a one-dimensional artist.”

Still, Thomas is making strides outside of country music in his own right, too. His 2017 album, Life Changes, debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s all-genre chart. His face was also featured on Cheerios boxes as a spokesperson for Outnumber Hunger. In addition, he designed clothes for a Los Angeles pop-up store. Thomas continued:

“You’ve gotta be willing and able to do so many different things as an artist ’cause people want to see a multifaceted artist. Somebody who can play multiple instruments. Somebody who can also act a little bit. Somebody who is gonna do some sort of clothing line or liquor line or whatever that may be, and I think that you’re just kind of an all-around entertainer, if you will, and I think you’re gonna have to put on that hat these days to be globally successful.”

With his drive, surely global success isn’t too far a reach for him.

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