Three New Oreo Flavors Are Coming In 2018 And You Vote Which One Stays

By Admin on December 11, 2017

Nabisco is taking a page from Lays’ book and introducing three new Oreo flavors in 2018. But if you ask me, they all sound gross.

Oreo won’t let me embed the image from their Facebook page, but you can see the packaging here.

Vote For One Of These New Oreo Flavors

You won’t see the actual flavors in stores until May of 2018, but they have already announced what they will be. Kettle Corn, Pina Colada and Cherry Cola. Meh.

Why can’t they just bring back S’mores forever?

According to Delish, Oreo will also be bringing back Peeps (ew), Firework (blah), Hot & Spicy (why) and Chocolate Hazelnut (finally a good flavor) back next year, too.



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