Two Sisters Open Lemonade Stand to Help Pay Off A Friend’s Lunch Debt

By Pacey on May 28, 2019
(Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

A pair of sisters from North Carolina decided to set up a lemonade stand to help out some of their friends who have racked up thousands of dollars in lunch debtHailey and Hannah Hager started selling lemonade last year to raise money for charity, and when they learned that their friends owed the school money, they knew they had to help.

Families at Southwood Elementary School in Lexington owe about $3,100, while families across all schools in Davidson County owe a combined $40,000.

“There’s one family that owes $800,” Erin Hager, the girls’ mom, told WGHP. “I don’t know how many years’ worth that is, but it’s a big deal.”

The young girls also sold hot dogs along with the lemonade and will be back out next weekend. They hope that they can raise enough money to wipe the debt for every student across the district.

“Super proud,” said Erin. “It has been hot, and they have been out waving their arms and flailing.”

They set up a donation page on Facebook and have raised over $1,000 of their $1,650 goal.

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