Vegan Lady Takes Neighbors to Court Over BBQ Smell

By Pacey on September 9, 2019

At first I figured this was a satire story because it also said she couldn’t handle the sound of children playing basketball. But alas, it’s a real story!

Cilla Carden of Australia has taken this all the way to the Supreme Court.

She was complaining that her neighbors were constantly grilled beef and fish, which both smells make the vegan Carden extremely sick to her stomach. Apparently Cilla also cannot stand the sound of children playing basketball. In her lawsuit that went all the way to the Supreme Court of Australia, she stated that after she complained to the neighbors about the smell, that they went out of their way to constantly cook fish and meat.

However the neighbors in a rebuddle stated that they actually moved their BBQ and asked their children to no longer play basketball.

The original court rejected her case, and so did the Supreme Court of Australia. Carden states she’ll be still taking legal action, which is confusing because it seems like she’s taken all the legal action she could.

Rumor has it the neighbors are now planning a huge BBQ party to celebrate their legal win.


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