Amtrak Train Derails At I-5 Overpass In Washington

By Admin on December 18, 2017

An Amtrak train derailed on an I-5 overpass this morning, causing it to fall onto the highway according CNN

As a result, multiple casualties and injuries are being reported out of Pierce County, Washington.

No casualties have been reported from the vehicles struck on the highway, but there have been injuries. No specific numbers have been released yet.

While he was driving on I-5, the derailment occurred and a commuter described the scene.

“Once we all came to a stop I was able to look up and see…a train hanging off of the overpass. Lots of military personnel and people ran to try to help the best they could.”

The 501 Amtrak train is a Cascades train, which connects 18 cities along the I-5 including Seattle, Portland and Vancouver. Because of the derailment, service south of Seattle is temporarily suspended.

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