It Wasn’t Quite A DUI On A Motorized Scooter At WalMart, But….

These guys were drunk in public and thought it was a good idea to ride around on the electric scooters at the store and run into people.

By DAVID on May 21, 2018
(Photo by Caroline McCredie/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures International)

So, it happened at WalMart, which tells enough of the story by itself, really. We all know there are always some very “interesting” people at WalMart. Anyway, these two guys were busted for taking those motorized scooters and scooting around the store. After drinking. And intentionally running them into people. Luckily, there were no reports of people being injured.

It happened late last week in Michigan, of all places. Someone called police after 10pm to report some people who were “driving around the electric handicap scooters and trying to run into people.” Police quickly responded to the WalMart and they did see the suspects, though they seemed to be done with their scooter-ing. Witnesses say there were two guys, and a woman with a child all involved in the scooting. Anyway, the suspects were leaving the store when police arrived, however they were still arrested.

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One of the suspects reportedly came out of the store and was “yelling and cursing” at police. Police warned of a possible arrest for disorderly conduct, and that’s when one of the suspects gave the finger. As he was being arrested, his buddy jumped in and started yelling and curing at police too. He was also “coming at officers aggressively” as well. While he was being arrested, the woman was arguing with police, but she eventually left. What the guys were arrested for was “disorderly conduct,” and “public intoxication.” Oh, there was also a “resisting law enforcement” and “interfering with law enforcement” charge slapped on as well. There was no DUI charge, likely because the officers didn’t witness them driving the scooters while drunk, but we’re sure it almost happened. See a little more about the scooter guys here.

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