Oops: Florida Woman Sinks Car In Swimming Pool In Bizarre Accident [PIC]

A very forgetful Florida woman left her car without putting the handbrake on, causing it to roll into a swimming pool….. with her family inside.

By austind03 on March 30, 2018
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(Photo by Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images)

A Florida woman gave her family quite the surprise after she accidentally sank them in a pool.

According to Sky News, the mother was getting ready to head out for a shopping trip with her family. However, after everyone got in her car, she realized she forgot to bring money. She ran back into her house in a hurry, only to make an even worse mistake: she never put on her car’s handbrake.

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While the woman was out of the vehicle, it rolled straight into a nearby swimming pool. Although her husband and daughter were in the car, the were able to escape and were okay. As there wasn’t anyone in the swimming pool either, the car was the only casualty in the incident.

After the car was taken out of the pool, it was deemed safe for swimming once again.

Head right here to learn more and to see photos of the sunken car. Also, let us know what your most embarrassing moment in the comments!

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