Wendy Williams To Carrie Underwood: ‘People Might Turn On You’

Wendy Williams turned her attention back on Carrie Underwood after the country star posted pictures of her face following the bad accident that left her needing facial stitches.

By Admin on April 9, 2018
wendy williams
(Photo by Santiago Felipe/Getty Images)

Carrie Underwood recently showed her face for the first time since her accident that left her needing facial stitches. This prompted Wendy Williams to turn her attention back on Carrie to question if the scarring was really that bad.

Carrie posted pictures of her back in the studio on her Instagram on April 4. On April 5, Wendy pulled up the picture during the “Hot Topics” segment of her show. She said:

[Carrie’s] still hiding her face. Dang it! That accident where she fell down the concrete steps of her home … that happened back in November. She even let us know that she might not look the same way we are used to seeing her look.”

Back when Carrie first made the announcement of her bad fall, Wendy accused the country star of lying to hide a facelift. Wendy doesn’t think that’s the case anymore. She continued:

“Apparently its not a facelift because this side of her face looks the same. I don’t know what’s on the right side but if its not a big scar, people might turn on you. They might be upset thinking, ‘Why did you make such a big deal when all you have here is just a tiny something?’ Scars are beautiful.”

See the picture below.

And Watch Wendy Williams talk about Carrie below.

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