What’s Kelsea Ballerini’s Favorite Track Off ‘Unapologetically’?

Ballerini will be on tour in February for her Unapologetically Tour.

By Admin on December 19, 2017
(Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Nickelodeon)

Kelsea Ballerini has been riding a wave since the release of her sophomore album, Unapologetically. The album tracks her love life from heartbreak to her marriage to fellow country star, Morgan Evans.

Ballerini revealed her favorite album off the album in an interview with the Boot:

“So far, I think ‘Miss Me More’ is the favorite. I think that’s been the one that on social media,  that’s the one that gets the most reaction to. But it’s been so fun. I’ve been writing for this thing for three years, and so to finally be able to start sharing the pieces of my life that I’ve been writing about but not necessarily sharing, it’s a really freeing thing. It’s been awesome.”

She also spoke about her song “Machine Heart,” which details the obstacles that the 24-year-old has had to face to find her place in the industry:

“I think, for a long time, especially being a young girl, it really makes you feel like you have to be perfect all the time: look perfect, say the perfect thing. And then you realize, ‘What is perfect?’ It doesn’t exist. So then you’re exhausted and you’re not authentic and, more than anything, you’re not happy trying to be something that doesn’t exist.”

Right now, Ballerini is spending time at home before she’s on the road for her highly anticipated Unapologetically Tour in February.

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