Whiskey And Vodka Deodorant Is A Thing Now

A couple have been making deodorant out of whiskey and vodka, and it’s actually been doing well enough that they’re behind on production.

By DAVID on June 5, 2018
(Photo by Chaloner Woods/Getty Images)

“We love whiskey, so why not put it on our armpits?” says Erica about the product she’s working on with her husband, Jason. The two of them work from their home, making deodorant out of something we never suspected would work. She says she got started in the deodorant industry by putting hand sanitizer under her arms.

Erica and Jason Feucht are now making what they call “Pit Liquor.” Jason says he spent months researching mixtures and reading medical papers. He would work on more test samples, and run to his wife, excitedly saying “How does this armpit smell?” What he was doing is apparently working though. They launched a Kickstarter campaign to get their first batch out into the world. That campaign netted them a solid $20,000 to buy what they needed to make their first batch. After sending out the deodorant to their customers, they started getting more orders.

“The next time they order four times as much and you know they’re not using that much deodorant. They’re giving it away and that’s really cool,” Erica says. The couple say that they’ve actually been making a lot of cash on the product, and have taken to philanthropy. They’ve been sending some of the money to a country where they used to live – Guinea-Bissau, in Africa. The money has also gone to help someone with medical bills, which saved their life.

The deodorant is a special mixture of several different types of alcohol, and works just the same way as hand sanitizer. It apparently works, but we weren’t given many details as to how it works. You can see more info on the product here, including where to buy some. But I have to ask, exactly what does it smell like? Will a police officer make me get out of my car if I get pulled over? We’ll just have to find some somewhere and try it out.

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