Woman Celebrates Divorce By Blowing Up Wedding Dress

A woman who was celebrating her divorce wanted to do something a little bit bigger than a regular, plain old “burn the dress” party.

By DAVID on November 13, 2018
(Photo by Richard Bord/Getty Images)

This woman wanted it to go out with a bang, so she blew it up. She was married for 14 years, and just recently got divorced. She was going through belongings when she got the idea.

Kimberly was celebrating. She had just gotten divorced after a 14-year marriage. Now 43, she was trying to figure out how to start over, in a way. She had the support of her family, and that’s where the idea came from. She was going through belongings and getting rid of things that were either from or reminded her of the marriage. She wanted to do the whole divorce party, burn-the-dress sort of thing. But the next best thing was to actually blow it up, quick and dirty.

After hearing the idea from her father and brother-in-law, she liked it. They packed the wedding dress full of tannerite. THat’s the explosive powder used in targets that, well, blow up. So they used some, and then a little more, and then some more. All-in-all, they packed the dress with about 20 pounds of the stuff, which is enough to blow up a car, probably. They set it up, and then retreated to a safe location to have some target practice.

Kimberly took her aim, and squeezed the trigger. It’s been said that the blast was felt about 15 miles away from where it happened. I’d say that was job done, probably a bit on the excessive side of things. Well, it helped her to get rid of the dress for sure. The video is above, and you can tell it’s quite the show for sure. See some more info on the boom here.

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