Woman Fights Bobcat With Bare Hands, Wins The Battle

A woman in Georgia was getting attacked by a bobcat, but she didn’t have time for that and took it down with her bare hands.

By DAVID on June 15, 2018
(Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

And, she’s even a grandmother. A woman in Georgia was attacked by a bobcat and decided to handle the situation on her own. She was able to fight the wild cat, and ultimately won the fight, though at the cost of the bobcat’s life.

DeDe Phillips, the 46-year-old grandmother says “I thought, ‘Not today.’ There was no way I was going to die.” She was working on her truck a little earlier, and went inside to get her phone. When she came back out, she heard a dog barking. Looking towards the sound, that’s where she saw the bobcat. Instead of turning to run, or at least holding still, she started to take a picture. While she was taking the picture, that’s when the cat attacked.

“I saw the cat and I took a picture. The cat took two steps and was on top of me… It came for my face,” she said. She added, colorfully, “they go for your jugular… because when they can get the vein, you’re dead in a couple of minutes.” Like I said, straight to the point there. Her first instinct was to just fight back. “It caught me slightly on my face, but I got him before he could do much damage there… I took it straight to the ground and started inching my hands up to its throat. I knew that was the only way I was getting out of this.” She actually strangled the cat, and won, with some minor injuries. Injuries including cuts on her arms and face, as well as a broken finger somewhere.

Now how’s that for a story about an awesome grandmother? “Yeah, my grandma took down a bobcat with her bare hands. What can yours do?” See some more on the story here.

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