Woman In Possession Of $18,000 Worth Of Stolen Cookies, Chocolate

A woman was arrested after police found her with nearly $18k worth of cookies and chocolate, which was purchased with stolen credit cards.

By DAVID on September 20, 2018
(Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Housing Works)

You’ve really got to love chocolate to stoop this low. In addition to the chocolate, there were some cookies too. We’ll tell you how it went down.

This is sort of a crime ring story, and was finally caught via a sting operation. This is sort of a resale story as well, since the cookies and chocolate were really being sold, probably as a bake sale or something like that. Basically what happened was someone had a bunch of stolen credit cards/numbers. They bought a ton of chocolate and cookies, and were planning to resell them for profit. This lady had almost $18,000 worth of “merchandise,” and got caught by police. She was charged with receiving stolen property.

Police say that the profits from teh cookies were being sent to other countries. They’re not really sure why that was the case, but could you think of a more delicious crime? I mean really, how does one even sell $18k worth of cookies and chocolate? I would imagine you could smell that from the neighbor’s house. How do you keep bugs and ants out? So many questions. Also, I’d love to know what $18k worth of chocolate looks like. Anyway, check out a little more detail about the story here.

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