Woman Tried To Break Husband Out Of Jail With Plastic Handcuff Key

A woman was arrested after attempting to slide her husband a key to help him escape prison – even though it was a plastic handcuff key.

By DAVID on June 29, 2018
(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Aaaaaaaand she was then arrested. So you know those plastic toy handcuffs that come with those flimsy plastic keys that may as well be made out of Play-Doh? Yeah, she tried to pass her husband one of those keys so that he could break out of jail. Oh yes, we have more specific details.

So this woman was visiting her husband in the Florida State Prison. It just had to be Florida, you know. During the visit, she wanted to bring her husband some lunch as well. She went to buy a chicken sandwich. Seems pretty harmless. They’re made there, and are sealed. She unsealed the sandwich, and stuffed the plastic handcuff key inside. Usually I say hold the tomato when I get a sandwich, but in this case it would probably help hide the key, right?

She then heated the sandwich up (because who wants a cold chicken sandwich?). After that, she had to hand it to an officer for inspection. You can’t just bring random food into a prison visit, obviously. Naturally, the officer found the key pretty quickly. Here’s the best part – even though it was a plastic key, it still resulted in some charges. The woman was charged with “unlawful possession of a handcuff key” as well as “conveying tools to aid escape.” Duh! She was sentenced to 30 months in prison herself. See the story here.

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