People Are Now Requesting Plastic Surgery To Look More Like Snapchat And Instagram Filters

By Admin on August 9, 2018
Snapchat dysmorphia (Photo by Lisa Lake/Getty Images for HBO)
(Photo by Lisa Lake/Getty Images for HBO)

I am absolutely not surprised by this at all, but it still bums me out. According to an overview from researchers at Boston University, a new phenomenon is on the rise—Snapchat dysmorphia. Basically, instead of asking to look like a celebrity, people are now requesting surgery to look more like their filtered photos. This includes characteristics like “fuller lips, bigger eyes, or a thinner nose” according to SF Gate. Additionally, surgeons reported performing more procedures to improve how people look in selfies this year than in previous years.

“Overall, social media apps, such as Snapchat and Facetune, are providing a new reality of beauty for today’s society,” the overview reports. “These apps allow one to alter his or her appearance in an instant and conform to an unrealistic and often unattainable standard of beauty.”

As someone who has kind of grown up with social media, Snapchat dysmorphia makes absolute since to me. I can’t imagine being in middle or high school with all of these available apps. While I actually try not to filter selfies too much, I’m still guilty of doing it sometimes. I think we all use certain angles to achieve a look we are happy with, and filters do the same thing. They’re there, why not use them? But it looks like they are impacting how we perceive ourselves, which I have to assume then impacts our mental well being. I’m sure there are studies already looking at that and I am fascinated to see what they find.



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