Young Local Ladies Auburn Road To Open Rascal Flatts Show

Another milestone as they try to become the next NorCal country act to break through

By kncitom on July 24, 2019
Photo courtesy: Auburn Road

Following a tantalizing Twitter tease earlier this week, local all-female trio Auburn Road can finally reveal they will be opening this Friday night for Rascal Flatts at Toyota Amphitheater (a show that also includes Morgan Evans and Jordan Davis). They’ve actually known for about a couple of months but…

It’s been one of the hardest secrets to keep” said…one of them.  They checked in on a conference call and to be honest I have no idea who was saying what. I forgot to ask. Sue me. But, back to that “secret”…

Actually we haven’t done a very good job of keeping it” said…another one.

We kept it off the internet but we’ve told everyone we’ve come in contact with over the past two months” added…the last one.

This I do know: the three voices on the other end belong to Alicia Paulson, Kristen Brown and Paxton Martin, all Roseville girls who’ve been singing and perfecting plank-tight harmonies together since 2013. Along the way, they’ve managed to record an EP with Jason Aldean’s band, last year they released an independent single called “Outlaw” (check out the video, here), and they’ve opened for the likes of Love and Theft, Clay Walker and Toby Keith. For the past year or so they’ve bounced back and forth between Northern California and Nashville, where, they said, they realize all the hard work of the past six years has led to a point where, only now, they’re just getting started. 

It’s kinda crazy because it finally feels like…we’re meeting the right people..and that’s been super important to us, just building relationships…with the people there.”

During their trips, they’ve been recording too, including a new song called “Warning” they hope to release later this summer or early fall.

We are so excited about this song!’ said, um, one of them. “We had an entirely different song lined up and then, we were hanging out in the studio one day and decided to write a song and our entire team heard it, fell in love with it, and so now we’re getting ready to…push that one out to radio.”

Chances are they’ll perform it Friday night at Toyota Amphitheater. The girls say they’ll get twenty minutes–which for an opening act, especially one that’s local–is quite generous. Did they ever think when they were attending shows at the amphitheater just a few years ago that they’d actually be up on that stage one day? 

It’s so funny because a picture of me and Paxton just came up in my memory…” said one who obviously wasn’t Paxson. “…of us seeing a concert at Toyota Amphitheater like four years ago and it’s so weird because four years ago we wouldn’t have looked at that stage and thought, ‘oh my gosh, we’re gonna be opening for Rascal Flatts up on that stage’.”

So, if you’re going to the show on Friday night, get to your seat a little early. Northern California has been a hotbed for new country artists the last several years and Auburn Road might be next. At the very least, they’d love to see (and hear) the support of their hometown crowd. And I’m betting you’ll be impressed with their harmonies and stage presence. Heck, by the end of the 20 minutes you’ll probably even know which one is Paxton, which one is Kristen and which one is Alicia. And if you do, could you let me know? Thanks.

For more with Auburn Road, click below and listen to the whole interview. 


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