When You’re Wearing An Ankle Monitor, Don’t Remove It On Facebook [VIDEO]

Sometimes criminals get what they think are brilliant ideas, but in truth turn out to be great ways to get themselves arrested over and over again.

By karlibenoit on October 8, 2018
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

So you’re a criminal who just got out of having to go to jail, and instead got an ankle monitor. Great! Count your blessings, and post a video of how to remove it to Facebook. Wait, wha..?

Dustin W. Burns is a 33-year-old from Springfield. He was just arrested for a restraining order violation, and given an ankle monitor as part of his probation sentence. Dustin thinks he’s a smart man though, if you can call this smart. He figured out how to remove the ankle monitor without tripping the alarm. The alarm would notify police, and they’d go quickly to his last-known location to try and find him. What wasn’t smart, though, was the fact that he posted a how-to video to Facebook. Yes, he not only illegally removed his own ankle monitor while on probation, but he did it on video. Oh yes, the video was still online at the time of this writing. He’s got a mouth (language warning), but you can watch that video here.

So as a result of his great how-to video, he’s now in jail. The video was posted about 3 months ago, and he was finally arrested about a month ago. During that 2-month (ish) span, he took several trips, according to various updates found on his Facebook page. So moral of the story – well, don’t do things to get yourself arrested. But other than that, don’t mess with an ankle monitor, or you too will be charged with “tampering with electronic monitoring equipment.” That, by the way, is a felony, on top of his other probation violations.

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