Bradshaw Animal Shelter Is Full—Most Cat Adoptions Are Free!

Find your perfect match and take them home for free or for at a discounted rate!

By Admin on November 29, 2017

You might have seen our recent story about the SPCA offering free adoptions. Well, the Bradshaw Animal Shelter is full so they are doing something similar.

An amazing anonymous donor has sponsored adoptions for most of the adult cats in the shelter. That means your new best cat buddy could come home with you for free!

Dogs Are Great Too

But cats aren’t the only animals that the shelter has too many of—there is also an overcrowding issue with dogs. You can’t get one for free, but they are reducing prices through the year.

For $25 you can get the best pet ever, and if you get adoption counseling, you can bring a dog home for just $10. And, the counseling is SO helpful!

I actually volunteer at the shelter and am in love with so many of the dogs. The PB SOC program is incredible and they do great work adopting dogs out and working to get them all out daily.

Also, I adopted my little pibble nugget from there. Look how cute she is!

Little Bradshaw Animal Shelter
Little, adopted from Bradshaw Animal Shelter

Pets Are More Than Presents

Now, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that pets are forever. Yes, they make wonderful gifts, but they are a lifetime commitment. AKA don’t get one as a Christmas present if you aren’t prepared to keep it forever. They deserve better.

If you can’t adopt, you can sign up to be a foster parent, too. That allows a pet to get out of the shelter and stay at a comfy place while they look for their forever home.

More Info About Bradshaw Animal Shelter Pets

Looking for a little more information about the shelter or the animals there? Check out their website! You can also see the pets available through PB SOC right here.

The pets need you.

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