Bank Robber Caught After Winning Money On A Scratch-Off Lottery Ticket

By Clint Davis on October 9, 2018
Dexter Riley, Chase Bank, Lottery Ticket, Scratch-Off Lottery Ticket
(Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

An Illinois man named Dexter Riley recently got some good news and bad news. While he won money on a scratch-off lottery ticket, he’s also now going to jail…

According to the New York Post, the 38-year-old robbed about $8,200 from a Chase Bank in Illinois on September 28th. However, when he was leaving the scene, he accidentally dropped his scratch-off lottery ticket on the ground.

After police noticed him lose the ticket on surveillance camera, they found and tracked the ticket to a nearby gas station. Using the store’s video footage, they were able to identify Riley’s car. This lead police to arrest him on Tuesday night.

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NBC Chicago reports that Dexter Riley told police he was going to use the money for rent, to buy a car, and for drugs. He is now facing charges stemming from the bank robbery as well as for driving on a revoked license. Court records do not show that he has a defense attorney at the moment.

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