Sexually Frustrated Dolphin Prompts Swimming Ban In French Town

An overly-excited dolphin has caused a ban on swimming and bathing on public beaches in the seaside town in the French town of Landevennec.

By austind03 on August 27, 2018
Sexually Frustrated Dolphin, French, Landevennec, Lonely Dolphin
(Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images)

An overly-excited dolphin is causing a ban on swimming in the seaside French town of Landevennec.

According to Daily Mail, the 10-foot-long dolphin has been rubbing against boats and swimmers in the area. People are also saying the lonely dolphin, now nicknamed Zafar, is visibly excited while doing so.

Due to the size and strength of the animal, marine specialists worry the animal could accidentally cause serious harm with its tail fin. Officials in the town are outlawing bathing and swimming on the beaches due to the concerns.

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Roger Lars, the mayor of Landevennec, said in a statement:

“I issued the decree to ensure safety… Several bathers were really afraid – he even lifted up a woman bather with his snout.”

However, the ban lead to a legal challenges from a local lawyer. Erwan Le Cornec says he plans to file a petition overturning the ban “on the grounds of administrative over-reach.” He explained:

“How many accidents involving a dolphin and a human have occurred in the region of Finistere since the two species have lived side-by-side? None.”

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