Sacramento Is One Of The Deadliest Cities For Cyclists

By Admin on September 26, 2018
Cyclist on city street
(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

This is definitely not a list you want to be near the top of. Unfortunately, that’s where Sacramento finds itself. The city ranked number five on the list of the deadliest cities for cyclists, according to CBS 13.

Just this month, three people have been killed in the county while riding their bikes. “If we saw that many fatalities on light rail, we would shut down the entire system until we fixed the problem,” said bicycle advocate Jim Brown.

UC Berkeley’s Transportation Injury Mapping System shows the fatalities and injuries over the last three years:

2017 – 18 people killed and 53 severely injured
2016 – 16 people killed and 58 injured
2015 – 11 people killed and 71 injured

The city is making some changes to try to decrease these stats though. This includes more visible bike lanes downtown and protected parking for cyclists in bike lanes. Hopefully these recent changes will help out in 2019. I like to ride my bike to work and downtown, so I’d really like to see Sacramento get off the deadliest cities for cyclists list.

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