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Scotty McCreery Admits ‘Clear As Day’ Didn’t Quite Meet His Standards

After Scotty McCreery won ‘American Idol,’ things moved very fast… maybe even a little TOO fast than the singer would have liked.

If there’s one thing that Scotty McCreery wishes, it’s that he had more time to complete Clear as Day.

After winning season 10 of American Idol, things kicked into hyper gear. McCreery quickly released his debut album within a few months of taking first place. Clear as Day included his hit single, “I Love You This Big.”

“I’ve always said, ‘I Love You This Big’ for me was a blessing and a curse,” the singer told PopCulture. “Great song after all, but that particular song to me is not gonna change the world. So when it came out, it was breaking records, it was doing this, it was doing that. They were like, ‘We gotta have an album out next month,’ and we scrambled, scrambled, scrambled.”

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The 24-year-old added that, because of the pressure, “we didn’t make the best record we could have made if we would have had time.”

Now, seven years later, McCreery is seeing his first No. 1 single with “Five More Minutes”. Though he’s proud, it certainly doesn’t mean that he feels he’s done aiming higher.

“With ‘Five More Minutes,’ I’m on a list now of some of my favorite country artists in the world. And I can say that I’ve got at least one No. 1 song,” he gushed. “Hopefully many more, but I gotta work harder.”

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